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where to find images for your content

Where to find images for your articles


You’ve spent a lot of time creating an article, or you’ve paid a writer to do so, and you’re all ready to post it to your blog. But, before you do, you need to add a missing ingredient.  You need an image or two. 

No matter how interesting or powerful the words, an image; a photo, diagram or graph, will elevate the article and also break up the text.  Something all web pages will benefit from. 

Why you need images  

Photos and images add interest to any article or webpage and you should certainly try to add at least one image to every article or page you publish. 

images for articlesAn image can help draw the readers eyes to an important part of the text, and placing an image near your sales message is always a good tactic. 

A photo also helps illustrate and enforce the points made in the copy.  An upward graph is an image often used by marketers when selling a service. 

Properly optimised images can also help with on-page SEO and the images themselves can even be found in search bring bonus traffic to your money site. 

OK, I’m convinced.  Where can I find images for my articles? 

There are plenty of websites from which you can source images, some paid and some free. 

The paid sites have a huge inventory but of course the costs can really add up if you produce a lot of content.   

On the plus side you have a great choice of images from top photographers. 

Two recommended sites for paid images are: 

There are sites were you can source images for free.  Some require you to sign up whilst others want nothing more than a captcha code.  Most will ask for voluntary donations to support the photographers. 

Free image sites: 

Don’t forget about Wikipedia.  They are a great source of public domain photographs which can be used under a Creative Commons Licence.  However, do take care to correctly attribute the photographer when using images from Wikipedia. 

Got the images but need the content?   

No problem. 

Here at QwertyContent we have writers waiting to create all the blog articles or web pages you need. 

It’s easy to put a writer to work for you.  It only takes a few moments to create a project and you could have your new article back with you in a matter of hours. 

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